Oct 20 2014

Today has not been a bad day at all :)

Got mehendi done for the first time. i never want it to fade away! it’s so pretty.

Applied for two personal days off the first Week in November. Was thinking to just check into Marriott for some me time but we shall see what happens. (and if funds permit such frivolity)

Saw that nice minions be positive post, which is really the highlight of my day. *send smoochies for you all*

not bad for a Monday :)

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Oct 20 2014


Software AU :D

In which Zane is a newly installed paint program, and Sidewinder is either an anti-virus program or a zombie-survival third-person shooter game. I haven’t decided XD

I tried to stick as close to the facecasts as I could this time. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded :D

oh my gosh, this is so cute!

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Oct 20 2014
Oct 20 2014
Oct 20 2014



Hummingbirds Pack A Colorful Punch

That first one looks sooooo happy!!!

(via karlwhatarebuttonsurban)

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Oct 20 2014
Hi Res
Tis dry. I kinda like it better when it was dark lol

Tis dry. I kinda like it better when it was dark lol

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Oct 20 2014
Hi Res

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Oct 20 2014
Hi Res
Oct 20 2014
Oct 19 2014

ghrianmaidin said: psst, can i request THIRDS fluff and/or shenanigans? i found out that my great-uncle who was like a grandfather to me passed AND i have a big exam tomorrow and haven't heard back from my prof regarding all this. I am in great need of happy things.




At first, Ash is 100% certain that Cael’s joking, because there’s no fucking way he was just invited over to watch The Lion King. So he laughs dismissively and slaps the kid on the shoulder, and damn if that doesn’t make Cael’s jaw twitch and his eyebrows furrow in that way that means he’s assuredly not joking.

Ash’s smirk falters. 95% certain, maybe. “You ain’t serious, are you?”

"You’ve never seen it," Cael accuses, like it’s some goddamn tragedy that Ash hasn’t seen cartoon lions frolicking in the savanna. "That’s just wrong, man!"

"What’s wrong is two grown-ass men watching a kid’s movie together," Ash points out, then winces when Cael’s expression tightens up two more notches. Shit, the kid’s terrifying sometimes, like a baby chick puffing up more and more until you’re afraid it’s going to explode. "All right,” Ash relents, if only to keep Cael’s brains from popping out of his fluffy head. “We’ll do it.”

Whoever thought up this movie is one sick motherfucker, and Ash nearly hurls the remote control at the television when the daddy lion fucking dies. “The hell is this?” he demands, outraged, because you can’t just do that. “Thought this was a happy movie! Where’s the Hakuna Matata?”

"Oh my God," Cael mutters, looking up at him exasperatedly. "Sit down, okay? That comes later."

Ash huffs, still upset, but he sits and lets Cael toss the afghan back over him and shove the popcorn bowl in his arms.

Twenty minutes later, something bumps into Ash’s arm, and he glances over to see the top of Cael’s head. The kid’s passed out, head lolling against Ash’s shoulder and his hand still in the popcorn. 

"Hey," Ash says, jiggling his arm slightly. "Yo, you’re missing the movie." Cael grunts quietly, a tiny noise that dissolves into a snuffle, and Ash’s heart does something funny in his chest. He scowls down at himself, momentarily perturbed, and bounces his arm harder until Cael jerks awake with an unattractive snort. 

"Wh—who? What?" God, he looks fucking ridiculous, hair all scrunched up on one side of his face and eyes blinking all bleary at Ash like he holds all the answers.

"The movie," Ash says, jabbing a buttery finger at the screen. "Pay attention."

Cael blinks at him again, then smirks, and he looks downright devious like this. Ash’s chest does something weird again, and now he’s starting to panic. He casually puts the popcorn down and tries not to think about Sloane laughing his ass off if he found out Ash managed to die of a heart attack, of all things.

"You like it," Cael says, nudging him with an elbow. "Admit it."


"Do too."

"Do not,” Ash says emphatically, before he’s distracted by….what the fuck, a hula? After a few moments, he feels Cael settling down again, his arm resting comfortably against Ash’s. He briefly considers pulling away, if only to, y’know, maintain the bro space, but he doesn’t move. And fuck him sideways if he doesn’t have a clue why.

oh this is great! we need more cash fics

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