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He doesnt even have a face yet he looks so done.





Book shops are weird, you stand in front of a wall of books and suddenly you pick up one of hundreds, just from seeing the words on the spine, and say, “Yes. You will come home with me.”

Weird and magical.

I would say you both need to go to sleep but I completely know what you mean.


Eva Green at the 300: Rise of an Empire press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel (04.03.14)


Eva Green at the 300: Rise of an Empire press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel (04.03.14)

Squirrel AU 2

based in this post

The bag of Cheetos had barely hit the ground when the furry creature appeared. 

"What the….? No!  Are you shitting me?!" Ty Grady cried as the squirrel grabbed up a Cheeto, placed it in its mouth and scurried off. 

"Well that’s something you don’t see everyday" Zane Garrett chuckled as Ty sputtered in shock over what just happened. "What is the deal with you and squirrels?” 

"They’ve always had it out for me. I’ve been telling Nick this for years" Ty huffed "But he says i’m paranoid. At least i got a witness"

"And photographic evidence" Zane’s dark eyes twinkled with amusement as he showed Ty the image he captured on his cell. He bent to retrieve the bag of Cheetos and hand them over. Ty recoiled as if he’s offered him poison.

"Are you crazy? That thing’s got squirrel germs on it now." 

Zane shrugged and snagged one of the yellow puffy snacks to munch on. The Cheeto barely reached his mouth before Ty whacked it out of his hand.

"Don’t eat that! Dump that in the garbage. The squirrel’s are probably just waiting for another chance to grab more of them."

Zane sighed “Seems wrong to waste a perfectly good bag of Cheetos. Besides you’re the one who insisted on eating it before our date.”

"I got hungry" Ty said defensively "Plus the movie is still hours away."

"Mmmhmm" It was their fourth date since the squirrel attack in the park. And they’d been hanging out in Zane’s backyard before it was time to head to the movie. "Well…we should probably go inside then" he suggested casually "No squirrels in there" His eyes traveled the length of Ty’s body. Thus far they’d had some heated make out sessions but nothing more than that. He would definitely like to take it further.

Ty raised a brow at Zane’s blatant perusal. “You gonna protect me from the squirrels?” 

Zane moved in closer “Of course” he murmured as he gripped Ty’s lean hips to pull the man closer. 

Ty leaned in to close the gap when a low hissing sound caused him to jerk around. A squirrel stood behind him and Ty just reacted. He shoved Zane in front the creature and dashed for the house shouting “For god’s sake give him the damn Cheetos!” 

Zane blinked down at the furry thing and placed the bag on the ground “Fine you win” he chuckled as he backed away to follow Ty into the house.

lightning bolt pendant just because

lightning bolt pendant just because




you just KNOW that with jim kirk’s first child, bones plans to spend hours and hours and hours with that baby saying “dammit, jim” over and over and over again to up the odds that those are baby’s first words

baby: d- da- d- daaa

jim: what is it? dada?

baby: da-

jim: omg pls say dada omg i can’t wait to tell spock

baby: daaaaaaaaaaaaa-

jim: c’mon sweetie, say “dada”

baby: dammit jim

jim: B|







You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog