Something Maybe This Way Comes


Everytime I see this scene:


All I think of now is this:


that walk has me mesmerized…*_*

ummmmm this is soooo disturbing…but why can’t i look away

ummmmm this is soooo disturbing…but why can’t i look away


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omg i need all the things! gimme the coin box mints…gimme everythiiiiing! 

sooooooo engese31 has me thinking up more scenarios for the Hooker!Kelly Au now…how did this happen? i wasn’t even planning to write this at all….what have you done Emilyyyyy! 

i need to go sleep….i probably won’t have chance to write any more of it til Sunday…big work event this Saturday..i shouldn’t be thinking about poor orphan turned to hooking back story for Kelly noooo…muse leave me alooone! 



engese31 oh look Emily my muse did kick me in my face and i wrote more lol:

Nick stared out the window as Ty drove them back to the station. He tried to ignore the sounds of the asshole in the back who was finally coming around after Ty had practically knocked the guy out in that alley.


and where you ended?

she’s kinda fiesty…sooo i’m sure there will be more face kicking lol 



requested by engese31 who wanted to see hooker Kelly roughed up by a john and saved by Detective Nick. hope you like it! :)

The hand around his throat squeezed tighter and Kelly thought oh that’s gonna leave a bruise. He should probably be fighting this guy off but he was just so damn…

I should feel badly about what happend to Kels. I should be like:

Instead i’m like:

oh Natalie I love it so much!

well i’m compelled to write more so we shall see ;) 

C&R Hooker AU part 2

engese31 oh look Emily my muse did kick me in my face and i wrote more lol:

Nick stared out the window as Ty drove them back to the station. He tried to ignore the sounds of the asshole in the back who was finally coming around after Ty had practically knocked the guy out in that alley. 

He also tried to ignore the guy’s growling about police brutality and his yapping about who the hell cared if he knocked that little hooker around. 

"Dude if you had any sense of self preservation you would shut the fuck up" Ty caught the guy’s eye in the mirror. "My partners pretty cranky right now and this will only end badly for you."

"You think i give a shit? I didn’t do anything and you let that bitch walk. He fucking bit me!"

Nick sighed “Ty pull over” 

"No fucking way Irish. Just ignore that asshole"

"Pull the fucking car over" Just picturing Kelly’s face was pissing him off again. His pretty face all battered like that…fuck Nick wanted to punch that asshole in his back seat so damn hard. 

"Nope. Not gonna happen" Ty sing songed. He looked over at his partner as he pulled into their precinct and killed the engine. "Soooo i’m not gonna have to restrain the asshole and you at the same time right? Because even i am not that skilled.” 

Nick gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything.

"Nick? Come on man. Do i need to get Digger out here to assist us?"

"No. i won’t  do anything stupid ok" He yanked open the door and got out the car. Taking deep breathes of the night air. He yanked the back door open and reached in to drag the asshole out.

"Hey you can’t manhandle me like this!" 

Ty rounded the car just as Nick pushed the guy in the direction off the station doors causing him to trip over his booted feet.

"God dammit Nick!" 

"Oops" Nick shrugged "Clumsy guy isn’t he"

Ty shook his head at his partner and reached down to help the guy up. He was flailing and yelling as his face had smashed into the concrete when he’d fallen. 

"You broke my fucking nose!" the guy was yelling

"Ouchies" Ty said in spite of trying to play by the rules. The guy’s nose probably was not broken by the fall but it did look pretty fucked up and scraped thanks to the jagged concrete walkway. "That’s gonna leave a bruise." 

"I’m gonna sue your pig ass" he yelled at Nick. 

Nick got up in the guy’s face “I would shut up now if i were you. or i will tell all those lovely guys in holding that we brought you in because you’re a perv who tried to lure a kid to his house.”

The guys muddy brown eyes widened “You can’t do that! do you know what they’ll do to me?!” he squeaked. “That guy was just a nobody hooker! You can’t do this to me just for that!”

Nick sighed again “Ty, please get this piece of shit out of my face”

"With pleasure" 


Kelly tried to make as little noise as possible when he got back to the house, but of course he ran into Clancy who’s eyes went round at the sight of his face

"Oh my god Kels!" she gasped 

"Keep your voice down please" he begged. he didn’t know if Liam was around but he didn’t need for the man to go ape shit because his merchandise was fucked up. Not that it was his fault but he didn’t think Liam would give a shit.

Michelle Clancy grabbed him by his arm dragged him to the kitchen “Let me at least put some ice on your face.”

Kelly let her take him to the kitchen and force him into a chair. She was the one who always mothered the girls and guys at the house. He’d always thought she was too good for this life, but he had never asked her what her story was.

He had the orphan turned to the streets to make ends meet story, but he didn’t know what was hers. She was one of Liam’s best girls though, always bringing in the dough. but then again, she was on the high end side of the business, being a fancy escort and all.

Kelly hadn’t graduated to such status as yet. He was still too rough around the edges, according to Liam, for that side of things just yet.

He winced when she pressed a bag of frozen peas to his face and sat down at the table. 

"I’m going to talk to Liam about easing you off the  these street runs" Michelle said

"What? No! just…don’t say anything." 

Michelle shook her head “Look at your god damn face Kelly!Who did this to you?!” 

"Just some over eager John." He shrugged his shoulders and winced at the pain the simple motion produced. "O’Flaherty showed up like a damn white knight though" 

"That cop rescued you?" 


"And what…he just let you walk home like this?" she was clearly outraged by the thought.

Kelly patted Michelle’s hand reassuringly “He didn’t let me do anything. I left on my own two feet” Kelly tried not to think about the look in Detective Nick O’Flaherty’s eyes when he’d refused to let them help him. The guy probably had a saviour complex or something.

"Well, at least he didn’t try to arrest you" Michelle huffed, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair.

"Nah, not this time at least" he grinned.

"Kelly, this isn’t exactly funny"

"What do you want me to say? this is our life ok. It comes with risks and pretty cops trying to play hero"

Michelle cocked her head at his words “Pretty cops? So you think O’ Flaherty is pretty do you?”

Kelly shrugged like he hadn’t even really thought about it “Well i guess that ginger vibe he’s got going isn’t so bad”

Michelle laughed “Kels, do you have a crush on the detective?”

"What? No way. That’s crazy" 

"Yes, that would be quite a crazy idea wouldn’t it love”

Kelly and Michelle froze at that voice. Liam Bell strolled into the kitchen like he owned the place, and well he damn well did. 

He reached out and removed the bag of peas from Kelly’s face. “Now then, how about you tell me what this is all about hmm”

Someone getting up in Nick's face at a bar and not being able to actually get more than four words out of their mouth before Kelly puts them on their back through a table.


i have a feeling the guy would barely have a syllable out before kelly’s fist met his mouth and the guy’s ass hit the floor

put ‘em down Kels whooo yehhh

Cut & Run Hooker AU

requested by engese31 who wanted to see hooker Kelly roughed up by a john and saved by Detective Nick. hope you like it! :)

The hand around his throat squeezed tighter and Kelly thought oh that’s gonna leave a bruise. He should probably be fighting this guy off but he was just so damn tired. Plus his pimp would be pretty pissed if he came back empty handed.

So what was a little roughing up, by some over eager john? He’d make his fares for the night and call it a day.

"You like that?" the man panted in his ear as bent down and  bit into his shoulder, hard, really fucking hard.

"What the fuck man?" Kelly yelled in spite of himself. The man had probably drawn blood with that one. his fucking shoulder was throbbing.

"Shut your fucking mouth slut!" 

Kelly found himself suddenly spun around, his face pressed up against the alley wall. 

"I’m not paying you to mouth off" he growled, yanking Kelly’s head back then smashing his face into the wall. 

"Fuuck" Kelly moaned as his head cracked against the wall. Oh shit, this mother fucker was crazy. Coming into this alley was a mistake but that Detective with the red hair and his golden eyed partner had been making steady patrols on the streets. And Kelly really could not afford to get picked up again. 

He tried to buck the guy off of him, but he was a big ass bear of a man who dwarfed Kelly’s smaller frame.

"That oughta shut you up huh boy" the man said grinding himself against Kelly’s ass. He twisted Kelly’s arm behind his back until he cried out in pain. "Pretty sure i can find a better use for that pretty mouth of yours."

He spun Kelly back around and shoved two fingers into his mouth. “Suck on ‘em” he instructed 

Kelly shook his head, even as the man shoved his fingers further in, practically making him gag. Fuck this shit. No amount of cash was worth this kind of hit. He bit down on the fingers in his mouth til the asshole screamed in pain. The coppery taste of blood in his mouth, almost made Kelly gag for real. 

The john yanked his hand out of Kelly’s mouth looking down at his bloody fingers in shock “You lil bitch!” he roared and Kelly didn’t even have time to shield his face before the man reared back and full on punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

The bear was on him before he hit the dirty alley floor, ripping at his pants. Kelly tried to buck the guy off while simultaneously holding his throbbing face. 

So this was how it ended? he thought. by the hands of some asshole in an alley. Well what else did you expect? Hooking wasn’t exactly a risk free job. 

He waited for the guy to shove him to his stomach but the maniac grinned down at him “You’re gonna see everything i do to you you little bitch” 

Before Kelly could say anything the man was suddenly yanked up off of him and flung into a corner of the alley.

what the fuck?

"Grady!" a voice barked "Deal with that mother fucker" 

"With pleasure"  a gleeful voice responded

Kelly blinked up at the man looming over him

"Oh shit" the guy said as he got a good look at Kelly’s busted up face

Kelly smiled, or at least he thought he did, hard to tell when his face was just one big throbbing mass “Well hey there detective, fancy meeting you here”

Detective Nick O’Flaherty stooped down next to Kelly, frowning “God dammit Kelly. Can’t stay out of trouble can you?”

Kelly was immediately pissed off “You think because i’m what i am that i deserve this?” he struggled to get up, batting away the hand the detective offered him and rising to his feet on his own steam. 

Those green eyes pinned him “No, i don’t. No one deserves that. We’ll take you to the doc to get you….”

"No! Just…" Kelly looked over to where the detective’s partner had the john cuffed and slumped to the floor. "I’m going home"

"You don’t want to press charges?" Nick asked incredulously

Kelly shook his head “What’s the point? Who’s gonna take me seriously?”

"Look Kelly, we saw this guy roughing you up…”

"I said no!" Going to the police station was the last fucking thing he needed. If Liam found out about this and that he got himself taken to the station, even if it was to make a report, he would be oh so fucked. 

Nick held out his hands as if to calm a wild animal. “Ok, fine. But at least let us clean you up. We got a first aid kit in the car”

Kelly shook his head again “No. Thanks for your perfect timing.” He gave the detective a tentative smile and shuffled past his partner who was looking over at Nick his eyes wide. He was not some weakling who went off crying because some asshole decided he could do whatever he wanted just because he was paying for him for something.

"What the fuck man?" he heard Grady say, as he walked away, willing his battered and bruised body to get him to where he was going. 

to be continued…maybeee. 

Nick and Kelly calling each other just to hear the other's voice. Nick and Kelly never deleting a voice mail from the other man because they'll listen to them over and over at night. Nick and Kelly sending dumb selfies back and forth all day long. Nick and Kelly snapchats. Nick and Kelly sexts. Nick and Kelly showing up unannounced on each other's doorstep because all of the above wasn't quite enough and they needed more.


this is so perfect. long distance nickels is so important. I was just talking about this with hillary and here are our ramblings in a more coherent formant. 

Nick and Kelly knowing each others addresses and always ordering shit online and sending shit to each other as a surprise.

When Nick knows Kelly is high (bc kelly always texts him when he is high) he orders pizza to his house and then Kelly always calls him confused like “did i get high and forget i ordered pizza again?”

Nick leaving notes in the special delivery instructions like he’ll probably answer the door without a shirt on, back off he’s taken. so the pizza guys always give Kelly knowing looks when he opens the door. “Seriously Nick why do the pizza guys keep winking at me?” 

High Kelly ordering really dumb stuff for Nick that he totally forgets about until Nick calls him like “kels i live on a boat why do i need a bird feeder?” and Kelly is like “uhhh i dunno, i was shaped like a shamrock and I thought of you.”

Kelly ordering him yankees memorabilia. especially after the sox just lost a series to them

Nick sending Kelly a picture of it floating the ocean 

Kelly getting little yankees things and putting them around his cabin bc he thinks its hilarious when nick flips

Kelly getting a giant yankees flag out front. Nick ripping it down and fucking Kelly on top of it. Which is really what Kelly was going for anyway. 

fyi hillary gets all the credit for the yankees thing bc that is the best bit.