Nov 13 2013

AU Vampire Ty & Hunter Zane part 3

Zane had lost his goddamn mind. That was his tongue in the vampire’s mouth; those were his lips slanting over the man’s, vampire’s, whatever…Grady was giving as good as he was getting. He pressed the hard length of his body against Garrett and growled. “I knew you would be a firecracker. This whole stick up your ass is a front, isn’t it”

Garrett grunted, it was as much as he could get out, when he was on fire and so damn hard.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of that damn stick” Grady continued, licking his way into Garrett’s mouth, thrusting his tongue against the man’s own, letting him know exactly what he wanted to do and was going to do. “We’ll make room for something a lil more fun hmm”

“Fuuck” Zane whimpered, grounding his hips against Grady’s. This was a mistake. This was his fucking enemy for god’s sake!

Grady moved quickly again, this time spinning the delectable human around so that he was now facing the wall. He moved in close behind the man, rubbing himself against the man’s ass. His hands made their way into Garrett’s lush curls again, tilting his head back to get better access to the column of his throat. He thrust forward, letting the man feel his hard length, letting him know what he wanted, what he was going to have. He bent his head to inhale the man’s scent again, licking his way down Garrett’s throat. “Stop squirming” he commanded.

“Fuck…can’t…” Garrett panted. “Just, do it!”

“You can’t rush these things human. Pleasures are to be enjoyed. And I intend to enjoy you.” He latched onto the man’s neck, sucking it hard, marking him. Garrett’s entire body jerked and arched back into his. Grady’s free hand made its way down to the front of the Garrett’s pants, palming him through the soft material. He kept up the slow thrusting against Garrett’s ass, all the while stroking the hard length of his cock through his pants. He used his grip on Garrett’s hair to bare more of the man’s throat.

“Do it!” Garrett hissed, like he couldn’t help himself.

“Well aren’t you a hasty one” the vampire chuckled. “When I drink my fill, I’ll be inside of you Garrett. But for now, just a little taste” he lowered his head, his teeth grazing the man’s neck.

Garrett was beyond thinking clearly. He was going to let this creature drink from him. “Do it! Do it now!” he all but shouted.

Grady’s teeth had barely sunk in when he howled in pain.

What the fuck…., Garrett thought, as the vampire’s hold on him was released. He spun around to see Grady writhing on the ground, his fangs bared in pain. All hell broke loose then, as he and the vampire were surrounded by people. In his desire induced haze, Zane made out flaming red hair and an outstretched hand. The woman standing over the vampire, looked over at him briefly, her eyes narrowed taking in what was surely his I’m about to literally get fucked by a vamp and I like it look.

Shit, no wonder, the vampire was on the ground in pain right now. Michelle Clancy was one of the League’s secret weapons, a witch who hated vampires with a passion. Having your coven wiped out by bloodsuckers would do that to you.

She kicked Grady in his side, and the vampire rolled onto his back and looked up at her. “Hello, Tyler,” she drawled.

Tyler? What the fuck? Zane frowned. The vamp’s file didn’t indicate he had any other names than Beaumont and Grady. And why was Clancy looking at him as if she knew the man personally? What the fuck was going on here?

“Ease up on the witchy woo Clancy, for old time’s sake” Grady grimaced as he was blasted with another wave of whatever Clancy was shooting his way.

She merely grinned, making some sort of signal with her hand that had a bunch of League agents moving in to aim their UV weapons at the vampire.

“Well fuck me,” Grady said right before Clancy slashed her hand in the air releasing who knows what kind of spell and raining down a world of hurt on his insides, making his fucking head feel ready to implode.

Before the vampire passed out, Zane was pretty sure the man winked at him and muttered “Was oh so worth it” before he passed clean out.


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